Walter Goodman Cabinetry has been serving the woodworking needs of private and
commercial clients since 1981. The keys to success have been our small size, our
impeccable standards of craftsmanship, and our communication skills. As you can see
if you take a few moments to peruse some of our projects, we are able to bring these
assets to bear on a wide range of work, from one-off custom furniture to commercial-
scale architectural millwork, such as a high-rise residential lobby. We have expertise in
a range of styles, from clean contemporary designs which may utilize exotic veneers,
laid up in-house, to period work requiring carving and turning. This repertoire often
proves valuable for an unusual piece which may blend styles or techniques.

We have been fortunate to have occupied a 6,000 square-foot loft in Brooklyn since
1990. Hand skills are essential to many types of work, and are always fundamental.
The classic cabinetmakerʼs bench, with racks of sharp tools at close hand, occupies a
central place in our workshop. On the other hand, machine techniques used judiciously
allow us to work efficiently and concentrate our efforts on the areas best served by fine
craftsmanship. Accordingly, we have equipped our shop with the latest in industrial
equipment, as well as a few restored pieces from the grand era of American
woodworking machinery, when it was sought-after worldwide.

Current economic realities have had an impact on the budgets of most jobs. We are
able to tailor our bids to match job requirements, without compromising the final
product. It is our view that the nature of custom work, with the degree of personal
attention we are used to providing, should encompass this ability to adjust job scope or
specifications to suit, in a competitive environment.



92 Gates Avenue Suite 6E Brooklyn, NY 11238 tel. 718.499.2954 fax 718.499.0095 email w@oodworking.com